Hayabusa Shinju 3 Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi – Blue

49.990 Ft

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The rise to excellence. Being better today than yesterday. These are goals that both Hayabusa and the Jiu Jitsu practitioner strive to achieve. With hand-crafted designs using premium materials and state of the art manufacturing, you can expect perfection when you roll in Hayabusa.
Meticulous attention to detail guarantees perfection in every aspect of this Hayabusa Shinju BJJ gi’s design. Midweight pearl weave for comfort without restriction. Reinforced stress areas and the finest cotton for strength and durability. Intricately stitched and detailed for both function and style.

Hayabusa Shinju pearl weave gi was crafted to deliver a customized fit, unmatched comfort and the durability needed for you to roll every day and push your limits.

Constructed for the devoted practitioner, this gi delivers what athletes need for the most intense training and competition. Test yourself, let us worry about your gi.

Meticulous attention to detail guarantees no aspect of this gi was overlooked. The finest of cottons, intricate stitching and detailing, and tailored cut, all ensure this gi demands the same attention your game does.

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