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The Valor VLR Superlight GI is a premium Ultralight GI made from a 350gram pearl weave that is lightweight, durable and comfortable to train in.
The A1 VLR GI weighs around 1.2kg making it one of the lightest GIs on the market making it the ideal comp GI.
The GI jacket has a competition cut so it fits closer to the body giving it a better fit than most standard GIs. It features contrast stitching, stylish Valor patches and embroideries and a EVA foam rubber cored lapel.
The trousers are made from 8oz canvass cotton and feature contrast stitching, drawstring loops and Drawstring.
The VLR is fully IBJJF legal.

Technical Specs

Ultralight Weight (A1 weighing around 1.2kg)
EVA Foam Rubberised Lapel
Contrast Stitching
Tailored Cut for a better fit
Super Thick Duo Layer Rope Drawstring

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