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Hayabusa T3 Boxkesztyű
“SLATE” szürke színben
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Train without limits with the Hayabusa T3 LX boxing gloves. You need the best pair of gloves to throw the hardest punches. Crafted with the finest handmade 100% Italian grain leather, the crimson T3 LX gloves look great and perform better.

The multi-layered foam technology ensures knuckle protection, and the fusion splinted support design ensures wrist alignment.

Dual-x interlocking wrist straps and loop closures deliver a secured tailored fit. Additionally, the gloves come with soft, sufficient padding for optimal wrist protection

You can learn intermediate and advanced level professional punching techniques with these high-quality gloves.

Fine Full Grain Leather

We used the best quality 100% Italian grain leather for the Hayabusa T3 LX crimson gloves. Our experts paid special attention to every phase of the process, from tanning to cutting and, finally, the crafting of the leather.

Every pair is care-assembled with impeccable perfection and precision. Not only do the gloves deliver unmatched performance, but they also look stunning.

Leather grains are visible, and the gloves are smooth to touch and feel. Since Italian grain leather lasts the longest, LX gloves are damage and aging-resistant.

Secure Tailored Fit

Our patented dual lock interlocking wrist straps and 4x fusion splinting provide wrist strap closure for a precise fit.

These features also make the gloves easy to wear and take off. Since the wrist straps are stretchable, they keep your wrists stable and protected. Additionally, we offer three size options to optimize your wrist fit.

Choose between 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz glove sizes based on your wrist and hand size. Refer to our detailed size chart when picking a size.

Unmatched Wrist Support

What’s more? The latest LX gloves are designed to ensure the best ergonomic thump positioning. Buy the attached thumb, perforated palm, and grip bar for improved performance.

Once you strap up, the splints perfectly align your hands and wrists to prevent injuries. Straps and loops come with micro-adjustability features, so you can enjoy a perfect fit every time.

Multi-Layered Hand Protection

Multi-layered technology foam absorbs the shock of each punch to ensure your hand and knuckles remain protected. The foam composition is designed to dissipate energy throughout the surface area of the gloves. Hence, these exquisite gloves come with shock absorbance and hand fatigue prevention features.

Our superior wrist protection system was designed and tested by professionals. So you can punch as hard as you want without feeling any pain.

Advanced Temperature Regulation Properties

We understand that uncomfortable inner glove linings can cause friction and noticeable discomfort. The sophisticated inner lining of each pair of LX gloves is ultra-soft and offers temperature regulation properties.

This temperature regulating lining keeps your hand cool and dry throughout the training by preventing overheating. Additionally, the breathable material prevents the buildup of sweat and odor.

Durability and Versatility

These gloves work great for all kinds of training and will even make great sparring gloves. Each pair is beautiful, versatile, comfortable, and durable. It is no wonder that the gloves won the prestigious award for the best boxing gloves by the Men’s Health Magazine.

So train and punch in style with a gorgeous pair of Hayabusa T3 LX crimson boxing gloves.

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